Alan Walker & ISÁK - Sorry (Official Music Video)

I know it's easy to think about all of the negatives that have happened in the past year, but Walkers, let's come together to think about all that we're grateful for too. For me, there's nothing that matches the energy of a live concert and being together with you all in the same room. Here are some of my favorite moments from the Aviation Tour. Were you there too? Tell me your favorite moments in the comments below. ⬇

I'm sorry that 2020 couldn't have as many magic moments as we hoped for, but let's make sure we make up for it in 2021. Until then, enjoy this journey back in time with me and @ISÁK . See you soon, Walkers.

- Alan

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// LYRICS // Alan Walker x @ISÁK – Sorry // LYRICS //

Confetti is falling
at 5 in the morning
They’re screaming
and crying
but I'm all by myself

I know you
I'm sorry
I made up
a story
I'm lonely
I'm falling
just like you
I'm sorry


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Produced by MER Content AS
Creative director: Mads Neset
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Live director: Kristian Berg
Camera operators: Alexander Zarate Frez, Alexander Christoffersen, Annicken Aasheim, Andreas Nesse, Espen Saur, Fredrik Winge, Mads Neset, Mohammed Sarmadawy, Morten Forsberg, Pål Rønnevik, Simen Skari, Vi Duc Truong, Øyvind Ganesh
Steadicam operator: Dovydas Miliauskas
Lead editor: Mads Neset
Assistant editor: Fredrik Winge
VFX Supervisor: Albin Skalleberg Nilsen
Grade: The Mill
Sound design: Karoline Wendelborg
*Aviation Tour Production*
Band: Jonas Barsten, Chris Alexander Wolfe Holm, Tommy Kristiansen, Anders Opdahl
Showrunner/Tour concept by: Alexander Zarate Frez
Executive Producer: Oda Marøy
Musical Directors: James Njie, Jonas Barsten
Stage Design & VJ: Andreas Ohldieck
Light Designer: Lars Kristian Mathisen
FOH Engineer: Sondre Sandhaug
Monitor Operator: Einar Nordberg
Backline Tech: Nikolaj Nordbak Gloppen
VFX Studio: Thundercode
Timeline Editing: Alexander Zarate Frez, Mads Neset
Hair & Make-up: Ida Nilsson
Styling: Miriam Lien
Promoter: C122, Ida Bakke Kristiansen
Project Coordinator: Kristine Alise Sjølivangen
Production Manager: Peter Hamilton
Project Manager: Stefan Dombek
Bary Project Manager: Marius Ryen
*Special Thanks To*
Oslo Spektrum, Nordic Live, Paradigm Talent Agency, Bary, Apparat, Animaskin, Eventim, Sonic City, Laser Image, Pyroteknikk, HelloThere Games

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