Featuring: Iman Crosson @alphacat as Barack Obama Brock Baker @brockbaker as Robert De Niro Joanna Hausmann @joannahausmann as Shakira ...and also with us @gregorybrothers Evan Gregory @getsomeevan as Rick Astley, Steve Harwell, Jerry Seinfeld, Daddy Yankee Andrew Gregory @arosegregory as Willie Nelson, Pope Francis Sarah Gregory @followsarahg as Katy Perry, Dolly Parton, Cardi B, Oprah, Zimzam Get this track and all our music on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/gregorybrothers Other places to find us: http://twitter.com/gregorybrothers http://facebook.com/gregorybrothers http://instagram.com/gregorybrothers Lyrics Barack You know you can’t stop this Sheriff named Barack, I get All my posse caucused Blaze up the oval office Shout out Lil Nas For having me on I’ll leave you with 3 words: Hope, change, and yeehaw Can't nobody tell me nothing (not at all) Can't tell me nothing Willie Well down here in Helotes Me and all my homies Stop our ropin and ridin Right at four and twenty Out here plantin trees Big old leafy greens Red headed stranger Runs a redneck pharmacy Katy I kissed a cow and I liked it Sorry I don’t know how to sing quiet But I’m a cowgirl now So I guess I’m frenching cows Kobe beef is what I need Got a bovine teenage dream Smashmouth (Steve Harwell) Somebody once told me That old town road would roll me You think that I’m a joke But all these plays ain't funny money Wipe the dust out my hair And my flavor saver Did Shrek 1 & 2 I don’t care about the haters Dolly When I was a little girl Daddy plowed behind a horse Twenty-five number ones Now I own all of Pigeon Forge Daddy Yankee Hacemos como en Vieques Montando al garete (viejo) A cuero, sin asiento que el establo queda lejos (caballo) y los gringos, siempre tan correctos estoy a otro nivel, Mami, así que dime Daddy Pope 100 gallon hat Yeah the papal see got that Diamonds on the holy grail Buried underneath the Vatican Jerry You know i could go verses On what’s the deal with horses Reruns on reruns ‘fore you even cracking corn Upper West Side I remain Master of my own domain Get along little dogies Bee Movie bought me all these chains De Niro Got double holsters For double Oscars Italian label chaps This cowboy’s the Godfather Cardi B Ain’t my first rodeo, grab money with a lasso Chaps on my ass but my pussy on a pole Old town road, ice on spurs Bloody boots, happy trails okurrr Astley You’re calling me a troll I’m out to steal your gold Hiding in a mountain pass Ambush with a rick roll Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around Unless you’re an alien ZIMZAM (the alien) Landed back in forty six Way out in the sticks Did a stretch down in Nevada Now my gun’s back on my hip UFO out in the sand Laser lasso in my hand Roundin’ up a couple steer So that I can probe their glands Oprah YOU GET A ROAD YOU GET A ROAD YOU GET A ROAD EVERYBODY GETS A ROAD Shakira Can't nobody tell me nothin' (le lo lo le lo le) No me diga nothing (waka waka) My hips don’t lie about nothing (my hips my hips) You can't tell my hips nothin'