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I read a fun fact about the brain and how it starts to deteriorate when we get to 27 or there abouts. It got me thinking about my head and what I can do to help stimulate it.
Makes me sad but..
I’ve forgotten what I’m on about.
Looked on the brightside, got keratitis.
& You can’t sit there unless you’re righteous. I wear a happy face like I’m Ed Gein.
I feel all numb now, is that a feeling?
like a plastic boxed orange with no peel on- I wanna waste I wanna waste I wanna waste away.
Alone getting high on a Saturday night
I’m on the edge of a knife
Nobody cares if I’m dead or alive
Oh what a wonderful life
Oi Debbie downer what’s your problem?
Don’t wanna be here, still call shotgun
You got the fomo coursing through my veins.
This is not a drill no, this is the real world.
Domesticated still a little feral.
Well don’t you know to chew with your mouth closed?
It’s all gone wrong!
I got a Type 2 kinda thirstiness
A far out other worldliness
& one day this might hurt me less
But everyone knows I’m still down
Don’t tell me what the butcher does
There’s no need for the obvious
So ugly still it’s kinda lush
But everybody knows i made vows
Left feet on the podium
Can’t think of an alternate
And hell yeah I’m the awkwardest
But everybody knows I got bounce

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