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Sharing with you Breathe In (feat. OSHUN) – the latest track from my forthcoming album Shout Out! To Freedom... out Friday 29th October on Warp Records 🙏🏽 💜
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S.O.T.F! is a project three years in the making, finalised over lockdown. I've been gigging non-stop for 10 years, and that experience has been beautiful but it also drained me emotionally. Having the time and the space has meant that I could do a proper deep dive into this stuff.

There's an underlying part of Shout Out! To Freedom... that is very, very personal to me. Turning 50 and getting to know who I am now, getting to know the person I am now and becoming best friends with the person I am right now.

This album is all about this journey of going back to myself.

***Breathe In Lyrics***

Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being
It’s a lot of chaos
Scrolling on the timeline
Put it on the rewind
Trigger you like three times
Talkin’ bout it online
Wish you could freeze time
Wish you could free they minds
Free they life
Gasping for the breath of life
Trying to get my mental right
Confusion flowing through me
While I’m searching for my peace of mind
My OG said [- picture of George here]
I really need to look inside
That I chose this path and to reincarnate in this time
They try to act like spirit is a lie
And then they take that shit to euthanize
Are you the proof
The truth have you denied
You decide
You decide your destiny
Got my spirits is next to me
Maybe he’ll be blessing me
Ain’t no testing me, no
Ain’t no arresting me
You can try it if you want to
But don’t say I didn’t warn you


You could try it if you want
But ain’t gon work if you keep running from the truth
And the truth is me and you
Getting tune is the one and the two
The yin and the yang
It’s the lie and the truth
The system based on proof
We gon be free by any means necessary
Our lives are necessary
Essential celestial
Still so much potential
Raising the vibe in dimensions

Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being

World as we know it ain’t the same
This system ain’t sane
It’s on us to flourish and sustain
Inherit the Earth
Ancestors have surely seen worse
We just need to beat the test of time
Manifest what we’re trying to find
It’s your birthright
Tap into the light
Free your mind
Decolonize your spirit
Can you hear it?

Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being
Breathe in
Grounded in being

#NightmaresOnWax #ShoutOutToFreedom #WarpRecords

by 1970-01-01 x downloaded 3:58

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