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Cook Da Books - Your Eyes - BO Du Film La Boum 2

Cook Da Books - Your Eyes - BO Du Film La Boum 2
Composée Par Vladimir Cosma
Download: http://v.blnk.fr/Ayc2jP7h

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YOUR EYES (V. Cosma / J. Jordan)

Your eyes
Opened wide as I looked your way
Couldn't hide what they meant to say
Feeling lost in a crowded room
It's too soon for a new love

When you smile your eyes show your heart
Lost inside a soul torn apart
Feeling alone with people around
True love is hard to find now
You think you're so misunderstood
I'd explain if only I could
Something tells me this time it's real
The way that I feel

Your eyes
Like the blue in the summer skies
Caught my gazes as I looked across
Feeling lost in a magic maze
It's too soon for a new love

You can't hide that look in your eyes
Open wide, you seem so surprised
Searching around for somebody new
True love is hard to find now

When you smile your eyes show your heart
I feel mine is falling apart
Can't you see the way that I feel
My loving is real

Your eyes ...

When you're lost your eyes show your heart
I should like to know I'm a part
When your eyes shine I'll know your mine
For all of the time

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