Bonnie Tyler - Holding out for a hero (Lyrics on screen)

Hello viewers :),

this is another lyrics-video made by me and this time I chose the powerful song "Holding out for a hero" sung by Bonnie Tyler and published as single in 1984. I decided for that song because my parents like it very much and so I wanted to share this with you, as well. I have to admit that I like it very much too :D

Like it and post a comment with feedback for me because I'm still a "newcomer" in the area of lyrics-videos and I would appreciate some good feedback :) Hope you like the song as much as me (and many other of course) :)

The graphics might be a little bad for somebody's taste (and not HD) but I think they are good enough for a video of that kind and it's the best quality I can guarantee for ;)

Song: Holding out for a hero

Artist: Bonnie Tyler

I do not own the rights of this song!

I get my data on an absolutely legal basis!

Thank you very much.

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