The Fall Dr. bucks letter

I lost my temper with a friend
Mocked him and treated him with rudeness
And though I tried to make amends
Still I miss him I walk a dark corridor

Woke up one morning
Doctor Buck's letter
Of my own making, I walk a dark corridor Oh my heart
Hoping one day a door will be ajar
At least so we can recompense
The betrayal of our hard won friendship
In vulgar and arrogant abeyance
To what was untrue underneath our parlance

I open the envelope, Doctor Buck's letter
Re: Welfare Benefits reports

J. McCarthy, approximately 10-15 days
I got down, I was depressed.
It was Doctor Buck's letter.

Turn the radio on

Doctor Buck's Letter
Cheer myself up
Put the radio on, get the magazine out
And read about the 'Essence of Tong'

I never leave home without:
1 Sunglasses: I wear them all year around, I seem to need them more often, it's a habit
2 Music: cassettes CDs
3 Palm Pilot: it's my lifeline I think it's my P.A.'s computer, she rules my diary and I download it
4 Mobile phone
5 Amex card; They made such a fuss about giving it to me that I spent more time getting it turned down.

I was in the realm of the essence of Tong.

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