August Burns Red - Invisible Enemy (Official Music Video)


NOMINATED FOR “BEST METAL PERFORMANCE” GRAMMYS 2018! Taken from the new album 'Phantom Anthem' out now!

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Video by: Samuel Halleen & Raptor House Effects LLC


Wounded and tired and worried.  It's like fighting an invisible enemy. Wounded and tired and worried. What lies ahead you thought you'd never see. No one wants to end up in the clouds. You can't lose a battle you could never win. You can't finish a fight without the strength within. Beliefs set aside, the uncertainty is what's truly terrifying. Be scared or be brave. Where we end is all the same. Be scared or be brave. Memories are everything. Be scared or be brave. Reminiscing is for the living. Pain is setting in. It's surrounding us. Pain is surrounding us. Your quiet heart makes us sink further. We will accept our biggest fear. We're sinking further. Escape into thin air. You'll find relief in being lost.

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