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Sound Effect Categories

Aircraft - Jet Aircraft, Helicopters, Misc. Aircraft, Prop Planes

Ambience - Battle, Exotic Ambience, Industry, jungle, Misc. Ambience, Nautical, public Places, Room Tone, Rural, Suburban, Traffic, Urban, Walla Ambience

Animals - Cats, Dogs, Farm Animals, Horses, Marine Animals, Misc. Animals, Reptiles, Rodents, Wildlife

Birds - Exotic Birds, Land Birds, Misc. Birds, Water Birds, Wing flaps

Boats - Bow Wash, Misc. Boats, Motorboats, Rowboats, Ships, Submarines

Body - Blow, Breathing, Burps, Coughs, Eating, Farts, Heartbeat, Sneezes

Chairs - Leather Chair, Matel Chair, Misc. Chair, Plastic Chair, Wooden Chair

Crashes - Crash Debris, Glass Crash, Metal Crash, Misc. Crash, Pottery Crash, Rock Crash, Wood Crash

Crowds - Applause, Misc. Crowds, Movement, Walla, Debris

Dirt - Misc. Debris, Rocks, Doors

Door Creak - Door Hardware, Exotic Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Misc. Door, Sliding Door, Stone Door, Wooden Door

Drawers - Metal Drawer, Misc. Drawer, Wooden Drawer

Electric - Arcs & Zaps, Electric Hum, Electric Spark, Electric Tonality, Misc. Electric

Fight - Bodyfalls, Fight Hit, Misc. Fight

Fire - Burning, Fireworks, Igniting, Misc. Fire, Rockets

Foley - Cameras, Chains, Clicks, Clocks, Creaks, Elevators, Footsteps, Games, Microphone Handling, Misc. Foley, Props, Sports, Zippers

Glass - Breaking, Glass Hit, Glassware, Misc. Glass, Scrapes & Squeaks

Gore - Blood, Misc. Gore, Rips & Tears

Guns - Artillery, Bullet Hits, Bullet Whiz, Bullets, Gun Handling, Machine, Misc. Guns, Pistols, Ricochets, Rifles, Shotguns

Household - Cooking, Fans & Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Vacuums

Industrial - Alarms, Beeps, Bells, Buzzers, Horns, Pumps, Sirens

Insects - Flying Insects, Land Insects, Misc. Insects

Lasers - Laser Guns, Laser Impacts, Laser Sword, Misc. Lasers

Machines - Electric, Heavy, Light, Misc. Machines

Materials - Acid, Air, Cloth, Foliage, Liquid FX, Paper, Plastic, Rips, Rope, Rubber, Sand

Mechanical - Combustion Motors, Electric Motors, Gears, Hydraulic Motors, Misc. Mechanical, Misc. Motors, Rollers, Typewriters

Metal - Metal Hit, Metal Scrapes & Squeaks, Misc. Metal, Warps

Musical - Chimes, Instruments, Misc. Musical, Musical Stings, Tonalities

Noise - Crunches, Distortion, Explosions, Pops, Rattles, Rumbles, Squeaks, Subwoofer

Robots - Misc. Robots, Motors, Voice

Rocks - Earthquakes, Grits, Misc. Rocks, Rock Hit, Rolling, Scrapes

Storytelling - Cartoon, Energy, Ghosts, Record Players, Science Fiction, Stings, Swishes

Technology - Computers, Feedback, Radio FX, Static, Switches, Television FX, Test Tone, User Interface

Telephone - Answering Machine, Misc. Telephone, Telephone Handling, Telephone Rings, Telephone Tones

Tool - Hand Tools, Misc. Tools, Power Tools, Ratchets

Trains - Diesel Train, Electric Train, Misc. Trains, Steam Train, Subway Train, Train Horns, Train Whistles

Vehicles - Antique Cars, Bicycles, Buses, Carts, Classic Cars, Construction Vehicles, Mechanical Vehicle, Military, Misc. Vehicles, Modern Cars, Motorcycles, Race Cars, Tires, Trucks, Vehicle Brakes, Vehicle Doors, Vehicle Horns, Vehicle Suspension, Wagons

Voices - Alien Voices, Baby Voices, Beasts, Children's Voices, Computer Voices, Efforts, English, Voices, Laughter, Misc. Voices, Musical Voices, Non-English Voices, P.A. Voices, Radio Voices, Screams, Telephone Voices, Whispers

Water - Bubbles, Drain, Drips, Flowing, Misc. Water, Pouring, Splashes, Spray, Underwater, Waves

Weapons - Arrows, Knives & Swords, Misc. Weapons, Whips

Weather - Rain, Snow, Thunder, Winds

Whistles - Human Whistle, Mechanical Whistles, Misc. Whistles

Whoosh - Bys, Fire Whooshes, Impact, Misc. Whooshes, Reverse Whooshes

Wood - Chops, Cracks, Hits, Misc. Wood, Wood Scrapes & Squeaks

gaming sounds, technology sounds, Urban sounds, Domestic sounds, Futuristic sound

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