Paul Hardcastle -The Truth Shall Set You Free [Reprise] PH VII 2013

SONG: The Truth Shall Set You Free [Reprise]
ARTIST: Paul Hardcastle
CONTRIBUTING: Rock Hendricks (Sax)
CD: Paul Hardcastle VII

Nataly’s Corner in the #Hardcastlezone with a track from the #1 Billboard album in 2013: I love the vocals in this track. The vocalist is narrating in another language that really sounds very sexy and sensual! After you listen to the entire CD, you would agree with why music critics, such as “Smooth Jazz Ride”, gave Hardcastle VII their best music reviews. Accompanying Paul on this album is jazz saxophonist Rock Hendricks and Paul's daughter, Maxine Hardcastle.

For more information about Paul Hardcastle and his music, please visit the following websites:

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