DEAD MEADOW В ОГНЕ (Live @ DTH Studios) What Needs Must Be / Keep Your Head / Greensky Greenlake

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Ведущие: Леонардо Перес, Даня Сальхов
Оператор-постановщик: Алексей Елагин
Операторы: Даня Сальхов, Кирилл Шкодер, Саша Самулекин
Монтаж: Даня Сальхов, Сергей Леончик
Запись интервью: Ярослав Редькин
Запись музыки: Андрей Ганкин и Леонардо Перес, DTH Studios
Сведение музыки и интервью: Илья Горохводацкий, DTH Studios
Мастеринг музыки: Александр Перфильев на мастеринг-студии Sonic Maniacs
PR, SMM и фото: Павел Орлов

Отдельное спасибо компании LIVE

Производство Firecat Films

#deadmeadow #вогне #firecatfilms #dthstudios

0:00 Intro
01:42 Russia: stereotypes vs reality
07:32 How has music industry changed in 20 years?
09:15 Has psychedelic rock got more popular in recent years?
10:41 Is music evolving positively, or is retro-music better?
18:37 How to stay together in a band for 20 years?
19:20 You said the band will exist as long as it's fun. How to keep it fun?
20:03 Can you make a living in US playing such music?
22:26 Is DIY scene still present in US?
23:05 Do unknown bands have a support?
29:59 About home studio and making last record
31:36 Do you have a dream not yet achieved?
32:46 Mark, you left the band several times, why?
40:16 Do you feel surrounded by a likeminded community?
41:38 There's a stereotype that americans are selfish, what do you think?
42:54 Situation in US. Are you afraid of the future?
43:49 If you sum up all your experience in one idea, what would it be?
44:55 Where would you live, if not in US?
54:48 Who does something right?
55:59 I'm hermit, I'm tired

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