Owl City - Be Brave (Acoustic Version)

Music video by Owl City performing Be Brave (Acoustic Version).

"Be Brave” is part of Reel 3 from Owl City’s upcoming album, Cinematic.

Discover more about Cinematic at http://owlcitymusic.com



In the basement of an empty house
I slept on the floor like a vagrant
I braved a Minnesota winter night
And drove to a movie feeling lonely

And as I thawed my heart out by the light
Of the silver screen
I was unaware that you were there
In the dark, a silhouette
Was climbing up the stairs

And what I thought
In the parking lot
Was like, I just wanna know your name
I drove away
With not much to say
But in my hand I held a paper bird
And written on it were the words
Be brave

Wildflower knew I wasn't well
But on the kitchen floor I got better again
I grabbed my keys and drove toward a star
And there, I was understood for the first time in my life

Cuz that's when I was introduced to true
I knew it when
You showed up again
In the snow, yeah I was always told
Your heart is where you’re home

And what I thought
In the coffee shop
Was like, the last eight hours was a dream
I drove away
With not much to say
But in my hand I held a paper bird
And written on it were the words

And in my mind
After all this time
I think, ain’t life beautiful and strange I'm blown away
With no words to say
Cuz I, I'll forever be amazed
How I learned the meaning of the phrase
Be brave
Be brave
Be brave


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