The Ultimate Klon Pedal Blindfold Challenge - 10 Pedals - £39 - £5000 Shootout!

Nine Klon-inspired pedals, one real Klon & one blindfolded Pete Honoré, can he find the most expensive from the most affordable? With a range of guitar pedals starting from £39 to £5000, do all Klon overdrives sound the same when set to 12 o'clock? |

» Wampler Tumnus Drive Pedal |
» Mythos Mjolnir King of Klones Pedal |
» Tone City Bad Horse Overdrive |
» Electro Harmonix Soul Food Overdrive Pedal |
» RYRA The Klone In Silver |
» JRAD Archer Ikon Overdrive Pedal |
» MXR Sugar Drive |
» Ceriatone Centura Overdrive Pedal In Purple |
» Way Huge Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive Pedal |

» The GigRig Quartermaster Pedal Switcher |
» Fender Custom Shop '59 Stratocaster In Gold Sparkle |

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↪️ Episode Guide ↩️
» 0:00 Cheap Vs Expensive Blindfold Challenge
» 0:37 Let's See The Pedals
» 3:25 JRAD Archer
» 6:40 Electro Harmonix Soul Food
» 9:15 RYRA The Klone
» 13:05 Ceriatone Centura
» 15:59 Way Huge Conspiracy Theory
» 20:37 MXR Sugar Drive
» 25:34 Mythos Mjolnir
» 28:57 The Real Klon Centaur!
» 32:20 Tone City Bad Horse
» 34:07 Wampler Tumnus
» 35:56 Quick Recap
» 40:30 Was Pete Right?
» 45:25 Final Thoughts?

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