Kaid Feel The Pain 3 20mb 192kbps 2 20 3 20mb 192kbps 2 20

Pop a bean
Leave the scene
Gator pants
Because They’re green
I’m her dream
Do my thing
Always icy like I’m skiing
Down the hill
Take the bill
Pay it off
Then make a mill
Off my deal
Pop a seal
Drink it quick
N let it heal
All my demons
Have you seen em?
They’re as big as I could dream em
I don’t like em, so I fight em
Never scared of feeling frightened
I’m a titan, I ain’t bitin’
Off these boys, I’m feeling heightened
Senses up, I’m never fucked
If you want it, bring a truck
Bitch you know you’re dumb as fuck
I ain’t scared of getting stuck
I was born inside the muck
If you want it, wish you luck
She know that’s your ass is weak
She loves me cause I’m unique
Clown my ass say Imma geek
Now I’m up and they don’t speak
They know that I am a beast
I’m a legend from the east
Call and ask your local priest
Fuck these rappers, they’re deceased
Cause I killed em, imma villain
I ain’t scared of stealing millions
Even from the fucking homeless
Keep on taking till they’re boneless
Like I like my fucking wigs
Diamonds on my fucking rings
I put on my fucking team
I realized my fucking dream
Now I’m doing my own thing
I ain’t scared to stand sing
Even when I was a teen
I was scared to be a king
You don’t know how far I’ve came
Just last year I was a lame
Had no change, and had no game
Now I’ll make em feel the pain
For the way they treated me
Even though they couldn’t see
What I woulda came to be
Fuck em all I make em bleed
Make em bleed and make em see
Bitch you know how high I be?
Highest heights, camel lights
Suck my dick and book a flight
To a place,in outer space
I’d throw you in a fireplace
If you ever did me wrong
I’d put you right where you belong
Suck my dick you know I’m strong
Fuck the friends who did me wrong
We know that the list is long
Stress me out I smoke a bong
They told me I don’t belong
So I made my money long
Now let’s see who’s really wrong
Stupid bitch you wrote my song

by 1970-01-01 x downloaded 2:20

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