Music For Studying๐ŸŽต Relaxing Music, Best Collection! | 3 Hours (Tido Kang Mix)

Hi. I am a composer who lives in Korea. Tido Kang
Subscriptions and likes help composers.
I write music that is good for you and upload it on a regular basis.
Don't use my music without permission.
ยฉ All music on this channel is composed and copyrighted by Tido Kang.

๐ŸŽตMusic Track

0:00 Inevitability (ํ•„์—ฐ) - Tido Kang

03:04 Crescent (์ดˆ์Šน๋‹ฌ) - Tido Kang

07:24 Life - Tido Kang

13:55 Wind - Tido Kang

20:11 Sky - Tido Kang

26:00 Legend - Tido Kang

30:52 Hope (์†Œ์›) - Tido Kang

35:10 Miss Each Other Because Of Love (์—ฐ๋ชจ์ง€์ •) - Tido Kang

37:57 Blowing Cherry Blossoms (ํฉ๋‚ ๋ฆฌ๋Š” ๋ฒš๊ฝƒ) - Tido Kang

43:07 When The Cherry Blossoms Fall (๋ฒš๊ฝƒ์ด ์ง€๋ฉด) - Tido Kang

45:31 Previous Life (์ „์ƒ) - Tido Kang

49:54 Regret For One's Unkindness To One's Parents When Alive (ํ’์ˆ˜์ง€ํƒ„) - Tido Kang

52:48 Falling Flowers And Flowing Water (๋‚™ํ™”์œ ์ˆ˜) - Tido Kang

55:28 Spring - Tido Kang

59:55 Farewell - Tido Kang

1:05:30 Repeat~~~

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Music Composition : Tido Kang
Sound : Tido Kang
Art : Tido Kang, Dotol
Music Video : Tido Kang

Copyright โ“’ 2020 Tido Kang All Rights Reserved.

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