ALDO Relaxing Guitar Track One 'Close To You' Album 30 Second Promo

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ALDO's original relaxing instrumental guitar music contains a light and mellow blend of classical nylon, acoustic, and ultra-clean electric guitar sounds performed as solo compositions or accompanied by other musical instruments arranged to provide a truly relaxing listener experience.

ALDO's first self-produced album 'Close To You' continues to receive five-star listener ratings consistently through thousands of digital downloads and physical CD purchases, the main theme being the music will last for years within your listening collection, the album contains various music elements such as contemporary classical, new age, smooth jazz, latin, world, and natural sounds. People are using the music for various functions like weddings, wine tastings, health rejuvenation clinics, spas, various social gatherings, general relaxation, flying. car rides, reading, vacations, bubble baths, dinner music, study, sleep, and setting a nice relaxing or romantic vibe.

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