PVRIS - Same Soul

PVRIS’ song "Same Soul" comes from their album ‘All We Know of Heaven All We Need of Hell'. Buy/stream at https://RiseRecords.lnk.to/AllWeKnowOfHeaven/

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Where does your body go when I leave you alone?
Would your heart know if I met you in a brand new set of bones?
‘Cause you may see me in different bodies,
Hiding below with the same soul.
I could have walked by you a thousand times,
Different places, different lives.
I could have been someone you don’t recognize,
Different figure, new design.

I’m just a body that you used to know.
I’m just somebody that you used to know.
I’m just a body that you used to know.

Where did your heart stay in all those years away?
Did I make your voice shake?
Could you feel me riding through the airwaves?
In all those yesterdays were you always hiding below?
No, I didn’t know.
I think we’ve loved a thousand lives,
I try to find you every time.
Searching for those same wide eyes
that locked me in, in my first life.
Do you remember my old names?
Recognize my other face?
We’re both hanging in picture frames
Somewhere in this place,
But my stare at you stayed the same.

I’m just a body that you used to know.
I’m just somebody that you used to know.
I’m just a body that you used to know.

I think we’ve loved a thousand lives.
I try to find you every time.
I’m just a body that you used to know.
I’m just somebody that you used to know.

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