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In this video series, Berklee Songwriting instructor Scarlet Keys shows you the songwriting tools that professional songwriters use and how you can apply them to your own songs. Scarlet will demonstrate how to write songs in major and minor keys, and show you how to use notes that feel stable and unstable, and when to use them to best fit your lyrics. She will also get into how to write melodies that bring out the best in your songs’ lyrics, and how to incorporate rhythms intentionally. After watching this video series you will be able to paint the scene in your musical story, which will allow you to gain a new awareness as a songwriter and use these time-tested tools to make your songs more emotionally impactful.

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About Scarlet Keys:
Scarlet Keys has been a professor in the Songwriting Department of Berklee College of Music since 2003. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Berklee and is a former staff writer for Warner Chappell. Scarlet has had a gold record in Sweden, has topped the charts in Britain, and her songs have been recorded in the US by award-winning artists spanning genres from jazz, country, Americana, folk, and pop. Her songs have appeared on film and TV, as well as national commercials. Scarlet has collaborated with artists such as Chris Stapleton, Gretchen Wilson, Emily West, Golden Globe nominee Monty Powell, and more. Scarlet’s former students include Charlie Puth, Charlie Worsham, Liz Longley, Betty Who, and many up and coming artists. She writes, performs, and teaches both at Berklee and songwriting clinics across the US.

About Berklee Online:

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