Arturia Pigments 3 Is Here! 🤩 | 5 Sound Design Tips & Tutorial

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Howdy doody, frienderoonies! Today we're here to check out the awesome new Pigments 3 update from Arturia! We'll be going over the new features in a bit of a quick tutorial, and talking through some neat sound design tips!

Pigments is a beast of a synthesizer with virtual analog, granular, wavetable, FM, and now additive synthesis modes as well as sample support making it a great value for the money to cover all of the essentials and packing a TON of horsepower into an easy to use interface.

Pigments 3 brings new presets, a new additive synth engine, new effects, and a slew of new wavetables all ready to be used in your next track or sound design session.

0:00 Howdy
1:27 What's New In 3?
3:34 Easy New Wavetables
6:07 New FX Routing
7:32 Analog Goodness
8:49 Get Additive
11:37 All Them FX Bro
14:41 Closing Thoughts

Stay classy!

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