Twitch Streaming Music // No Copyright Cyberpunk Industrial Darksynth MIX - Lockdown at Peach Trees

These tracks are 100% copyright free to use in your projects, just credit "Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio" when you use them. Subscribe and hit the notification button for more free music in the styles of cyberpunk, darksynth, synthwave, metal and more!

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1. Shin Godzilla - 0:00
2. Vengeance - 4:29
3. The Ultimate Drug - 8:20
4. Sick of it All - 11:52
5. Mark of the Doom Slayer - 16:04
6. The Final Chapter - 19:43
7. The Engineer - 23:07
8. Distress Signal - 27:12
9. Vortex Queen - 31:03
10. Self Inflicted - 35:03
11. Collider - 38:38
12. Broken - 42:48
13. Hunting Grounds - 46:29
14. Hardware - 51:39
15. Covenant - 56:05
16. Cybernetic Organism - 59:49

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1. Can I use this in my video/stream/film/game/project/podcast etc.?
- Yes, my music is 100% copyright free so you can use it in ANY creative project, just credit me "music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio". What you CANNOT do is take my music and redistribute it as a product.

2. How do I credit you?
- "Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio" is fine. You can put the song title too if you like.

3. Can I record vocals on your music and upload to Spotify, Apple Music etc.?
- No.

4. Can I use your music in videos/projects that are monetized?
- Yes.

5. Why did I get a copyright claim when using your music?
- It is either something else in your video, FB or Twitch being stupid and overly sensitive with their copyright detection software, or someone is making a fraudulent copyright claim on my music. Simply dispute the claim as you have full permission from me to use my music!

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