396 Hz – GET RID OF FEAR – Meditation Music (With Audible Subliminal Affirmations)

396Hz meditation music to liberate yourself from fear, with subliminal messages.
You can listen to it with or without headphones.
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Affirmations in the video:

I am getting rid of my fear,
I am brave,
I am full of courage,
I am curious about life,
I am full of life,
I love life,
I have will to live,
I am calm,
I am relaxed,
I have control,
I can live in the present,
I am able to enjoy every moment,
I can achieve anything I want,
I can be anything I want to be,
I am confident,
I am comfortable with myself,
I am grateful for everything I have,
I am aware of my abilities,
I love myself,
I am liberating myself from fear,
I am sensible,
I am mindful,
I am positive,
I am courageous,
I have faith in myself,
I am grateful for my courage.

You are getting rid of your fear,
You are brave,
You are full of courage,
You are curious about life,
You are full of life,
You love life,
You have will to live,
You are calm,
You are relaxed,
You have control,
You can live in the present,
You are able to enjoy every moment,
You can achieve anything you want,
You can be anything you want to be,
You are confident,
You are comfortable with yourself,
You are grateful for everything you have,
You are aware of your abilities,
You love yourself,
You are liberating yourself from fear,
You are sensible,
You are mindful,
You are positive,
You are courageous,
You have faith in yourself,
You are grateful for your courage.

All the affirmations are made by me. The music is modified by me. The music and the picture are either made by me or I have permission to use them.

Unicorn Heads - Dreaming in 432 Hz

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