AT LAST Madeegha Anders & Don Vino

A symphonic celebration of local talent
Recorded live at Artscape Opera, Cape Town, October 2019.

Louis Heyneman - producer
Marek Pinski - video production and sound recording supervision
Caitlin Mittelmeyer - live video editing
Tony Mittelmeyer - video setup

"The CPO is proud to showcase Cape Town's own stars. The fusion and collaboration you will see and hear tonight is also showcasing the orchestra in all its glorious versatility. If you thought classically trained musicians cannot rock, come along for the ride!
We are proud that we enjoy full houses for our symphony concerts and we are equally proud that we can attract new audiences through popular genres. By presenting young artists we are creating the performers of the future as well as creating new audiences."

COMMUNITY SPECTACULAR 2019 production team

Director: Aviva Pelham
Conductor: Brandon Phillips
Concertmaster: Philip Martens
Master of Ceremonies: Alan Committie
Stage Designer: Michael Mitchell
Music Co-ordinator: Stefan Lombard
Lighting Design: Faheem Bardien
Sound Desing: Liam Cookson

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