DUSK: Fear of Trouble [The Sound Of Everything]

DUSK: Fear of Trouble (Original Version)
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Written & performed by DUSK
Recorded & produced @ Artracks Studio
Ukulele by Sous Peau
(p) 2013 The Sound Of Everything Records Ltd
Published by Timespace Music Publishing Ltd
Licensing enquiries: [email protected]

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Bookings: [email protected]

Also available on iTunes: DUSK: What are the Chances

LYRICS "Fear of trouble"

Hide in the bushes my love
I'll come when the sun has set (light of darkness I'll bare)
My fortress is almost done
Made from purple shiny grains of sand

Hide in the background my love
While my head's spinning around
(scattered in a thick cloud)
It's not a waste of time
It's just a way to win my mind

We're two steps forward I take one back
A valley of blossom and crag
Legs that tremble my heart stops
From this visit of my dirty ghost...
But I'm entwined....

A beautiful descent filled with wonderment
Flowers blossom even at night
(with your eyes dark light)
A roller coaster with no seatbelts on
All fear for trouble for ever gone...

We're two steps forward I take one too
Need courage to get me through
Legs don't tremble my heart stops stops
From this visit of my dirty ghost
My weakened ghost...

I wanted you a piece of you
just give me the worst bit now
legs don't tremble time just stops
I'm not frightened of my dirty ghost
My weakened ghost..

by 2013-02-19 58,364x downloaded 269 0 4:10

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