Hate The Way (Lyrics) - G-Eazy, blackbear

Hate The Way (Lyrics) - G-Eazy, blackbear
G-Eazy, blackbear Hate The Way Lyrics
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00:10 Yeah, I hate the way,
00:11 the way I always miss you
00:12 Yeah, I know I'm crazy
00:14 but you're sick too
00:15 Even after everything
00:17 we've been through
00:18 Thought I was the one
00:20 with all the issues
00:21 And every time I leave,
00:23 it's too long
00:24 And every time I leave,
00:26 it's all wrong (You know)
00:28 I hate the way, the way
00:29 I always miss you (Ayy)
00:30 I hate the way, the way
00:32 I always miss you, yeah
00:33 Made a promise to myself,
00:36 a promise I should stick to
00:38 Talking to myself, I said
00:39 I promised I would quit you
00:41 I've been trying to let go
00:42 but it's powerful, it grips you
00:44 First you think you got control
00:45 until I see you, can't resist you
00:46 Know I got my issues
00:48 Some I won't admit to
00:49 No ones got the answers,
00:51 everybody wants to fix you
00:52 Got this magic 8 ball
00:54 but I ain't got no crystal
00:55 Just don't fall in Courtney Love
00:57 And don't go Cobain with no pistol (No pistol)
00:58 It don't take a psychic
01:00 or a scientist to know that (Know that)
01:01 Then why the fuck the minute I see you,
01:03 I always go back (Go back)
01:04 The definition of insanity is
01:06 Yeah, I know that
01:07 I had a hundred chances to move on, I always
01:09 I always blow that (I always blow that)
01:11 I can't seem to find out what's the issue
01:13 See your face on my explore and then I miss you
01:16 I said I was finished fucking wit' you
01:19 I said hate the way, the way I always miss you
01:22 Yeah, I know I'm crazy but you're sick too
01:25 Even after everything we've been through
01:28 Thought I was the one with all the issues
01:31 And every time I leave, it's too long
01:34 And every time I leave, it's all wrong
01:37 I hate the way, the way I always miss you (Yeah)
01:40 I hate the way, the way
01:41 I always miss you, yeah, yeah (Ayy, yeah)
01:43 Lie at myself every time when
01:46 I say that I'm done wit' you
01:48 Every day without you passes
01:49 slower than one wit' you
01:50 Two days pass, it's feelin'
01:52 like a week, this shit is stressful
01:53 I swear all these helpin' hands
01:55 ain't even helpful
01:56 Wishin' I was closer to you,
01:57 wish you wasn't distant
01:58 Wishin' I was wit you,
02:00 still wish this shit was different
02:01 Wishin' we could travel
02:03 back in time and we could switch it
02:04 All this pain, wishin' there was
02:06 something that could fix it
02:07 Medicate myself, different
02:09 substances, I mix it
02:10 Set my limits, try to draw a line
02:12 and then she sniffs it
02:13 Never lied, I give you my word
02:15 and then you twist it
02:16 Fights outside the club,
02:17 I think the paparazzi
02:18 Think the paparazzi flicked it
02:20 Yeah, still can't seem to
02:22 find out what's the issue
02:23 Hate the way you talking when
02:25 you wit' your friends too, yeah
02:27 They don't know about
02:28 the shit we've been through
02:29 I said I hate the way, the way
02:31 I always miss you (Miss you)
02:33 Yeah, I know I'm crazy
02:34 but you're sick too
02:35 Even after everything
02:37 we've been through
02:38 Thought I was the one
02:40 with all the issues
02:41 And every time I leave,
02:42 it's too long

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