🎵 Ambient Everdell Music - Background Board Game Music for playing Everdell

Are you looking for an Atmospheric Everdell Soundtrack? Then this is The Right Video for you.

In this video we present you ambient Everdell Music for this great board game. The Everdell Soundtrack consists of many pieces that create a coherent overall vibe, but still provide variety. It is perfect to add a Special Feeling to your Everdell Games, and will give your playing an immersive atmosphere.

If you are looking for a unique way to add a very cool touch to your Gameplay, then you have come to the right place. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Have fun playing with this Everdell Board Game Music.

00:00 Enchanted Forest (Simon Folwar)
02:49 Fantasy Stories (Simon Folwar)
05:49 Eastern Journey (Zac Tiessen)
09:24 For Another Day (Ben McElroy)
15:16 Gentle Sunshine (Ben McElroy)
17:05 Magic Forest (Kevin MacLeod)
21:25 Moonlake (Simon Folwar)
24:44 Morning (All Good Folks)
26:00 Morning Comes to Life (Ben McElroy)
27:48 A Barren Land (Tobias Voigt)
30:02 Abide (Arend)
33:07 A New Light (Ben McElroy)
35:11 Blurry Dreams (Adi Goldstein)
37:45 Calm (Zimpzon)
45:41 A Spring Like Hum (Ben McElroy)
47:56 Down the Lazy River (Ben McElroy)
49:45 Dead of Night (Ben McElroy)
51:47 Nach Dusseldorf (Ben McElroy)
57:02 Moving to the Mountains (Ben McElroy)
59:36 November (Tobias Voigt)
01:23:00 Ocean Left Unspoken (Ben McElroy)
01:06:01 Ophelia (Roo Walker)
01:08:45 Pardon the Garden (Ben McElroy)
01:12:09 Perspectives (Kevin MacLeod)
01:24:07 Sleep and Create Moon (Ben McElroy)
01:29:44 Slow Current (Adi Goldstein)
01:34:08 Soon This Will All Be Sea (Ben McElroy)
01:38:32 Sounds From Space (Soundroll)
01:40:01 That Was the Day (Ben McElroy)
01:48:53 The Academy (Zac Tiessen)
01:51:29 The Cloud Councils Quarterly Meeting (Ben McElroy)
01:54:39 The First Wave (Ben McElroy)
02:02:37 The Void Between (Tobias Voigt)
02:05:00 Where the Birds Still Sing (Ben McElroy)
02:09:24 William Tell Ranz Des Vaches Rossini (Aura Classica)

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