What Are Audio Bit Depth & Sample Rates, and What do the Numbers Actually Mean?

What is a bit rate? Why is 44.1kHz the music industry standard? How do these number affect our music?

This is a very simplified overview of bit rates and samples rates. The science behind this is very complicated. To learn more, click the links below.

1 bit contains approximately 6dB of volume information.


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This channel is dedicated to documenting the writing, recording and production of a new album, from start to finish, in a home studio AND educational music production content. Find out who I am, what I do, where this channel has come from and what you can get out of it. See top London session musicians in action performing on the songs. I will be sharing tips and techniques on all things recording, home studio production, Logic Pro X and UAD's LUNA.


- A detailed break down of each song,
- My approach to writing and recording,
- Recording tips & techniques
- Production tips & techniques,
- Logic Pro X tips & workflow,
- A/B gear comparisons,
- Equipment and Accessory reviews
- Plugin reviews & comparisons,
- Interviews with industry professionals,

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