witness the liveliness of a lively mess

loop this little vidyo, and witness the liveliness of a lively mess

but seriously. what is this, product placement?
a petri-dish sampler plate? a materialistic display of possessions in decay?
the all sing and dance dishrack burlesque?
let us not treat our things indelicately like they are inanimate objects..
nor cherish them like archeological relics from our previous night's extinction...

here at the convent we don't think of them as cups and plates, but rather as 'our little porcelain friends'...
so let us bathe our little porcelain friends in frothy foam and put our condiments in their frosty condominium, already
and wipe the surface of the counter-cultural kitchen counter clean, forever undoing the fingerprints left by past uncivilizations,
disinfected it against possible trilobites and other fossilized infections,

whatever is left out will fall subject to animation

by 2012-12-11 51x downloaded 0 0 0:02

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