Ged McMahon - One More Night With You (feat. Kaz Hawkins)

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''Enjoy Your Day'' About, Ged McMahon: HI guys my name is Ged Mc Mahon am a Singer Songwriter from Ireland .I write in all styles of music including Pop, Rock, Blues, Swing, Bigband, Jazz, Dance, Amercian Country, Bluegrass, Ballad and Movie Soundtrack.
About, Kaz Hawkins ➥ The story of Kaz has many wondering how she ever survived the trauma in her life but she puts it best herself saying ‘Music is the very thing that saved me, when I sing I am in the safest place on earth. It replaces all the cruelty, shame and pain in my life so all I want to do now is sing for those still fighting’ Multi award winning Kaz Hawkins is Northern Ireland’s very own Soul Superstar named after her self penned song about the childhood that was stolen from her. She sings to her young self to let her know that she was strong and now the song pays tribute to her following her dream on stage. The Belfast born singer-songwriter has wowed fans with her emotional honest performances across the globe. Her music brings an honest, fun, inspiring & hopeful message to those who need it. Using her story in song to break the barriers around mental health, Kaz Hawkins proves that music can heal, soothe and sometimes save souls that are lost. After nearly losing her life when her throat was cut, it is a spectacular story of survival never mind a voice that has reduced grown men to tears at her shows. It took Kaz 20 years to follow her childhood dream and now she is living every minute by creating a legacy of persistence, empowerment and true Belfast grit. Her music is an achievement but Kaz gives credit to her fans for allowing her into their musical hearts. Kaz is the ultimate story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.
Kaz wears many HATS! Being an activist for Mental Health, Kaz has worked tirelessly for different charities over the years. She is now official Ambassador at Aware NI, Northern Ireland’s Depression Charity and has completed a library tour, sessions at Boston University, Florence Academy of Fine Arts in Alabama in special sessions where she told her life story using words and song to show how music can be used as a mental health tool. Fans have come to love the many hats that Kaz wears, especially presenting her own radio show “Kaz Hawkins Got The Blues” on BBC Radio Ulster when she isn’t touring. Always supporting the UK blues scene that has given her so much, Kaz has now joined the UK Blues Federation as a board member and aims to bring more exposure across the UK to the rich blues and soul artists in Northern Ireland.
“2018 surpassed anything I ever expected. Sell out shows and amazing opportunities have given me an even better 2019/20 to plan for. I want to thank Sam York for supporting me and helping me create something special and unique with My Life And I His knowledge and patience have been crucial in the shows success, he makes an amazing Musical Director. I can’t wait to share what’s coming with you all.”
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Lyrics: One More Night With You
They say that love can last forever
They say that love can last a day
They say love is like an ocean
Four as to sail away
For i've tasted your love
And i need to taste some more
So wave goodbye to heaven for me
i've thrown it all away
To spend one more night with you
They say that love can move the mountain
They say that love can break your heart
They say that love can make you forget
Things that happened in the past
For i've tasted your love
And i need to taste some more
So wave goodbye to heaven for me
i've thrown it all away
just to spend one more night with you
For I've tasted your love
And i need to taste some more
So wave goodbye to heaven for me
i've thrown it all away
just to spend one more night with you?

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