432Hz 》MAGICAL FOREST MUSIC 》Manifest Miracles 》Raise Your Vibration

》Raise Your Vibration
》Manifest Miracles
》432Hz Music

How to Raise Your Personal Vibrational Energy?

1. Let Go of things that drain your energy. Look around you, the tasks you do, the work you do, If it's bringing you down, causes more negative emotions than the positive ones, then its time to let go with gratitude!!

2. Gratitude - its one thing that can convert negative to positive. When we embrace and show our gratitude towards everything that has crossed our path and thank universe for everything it has brought into our lives, good or bad, it makes the present moment so positive. That that what matters. Making this very moment positive and so that it makes you smile and you feel at peace!!

3. That brings us to this very moment. Living in the present moment. Bringing our attention and focus to the present moment is a powerful tool to let go of everything about the past that is keeping us in the negative loop and stop worrying about the future that is keeping us from being at peace right now. Focusing on our breathing is simple and powerful way to raise our vibrations

4. Spend time in Nature, Connect with our earth. Really feel it. Touch the trees, stand in the rain, walk barefoot on the grass, listen to the birds, talk to them and you will understand what they are saying, bathe in the sea. We are part of this beautiful nature, we are nature and no matter how comfortable technology, internet, and air conditioners have made our lives, we need that connection to our roots, to the nature from where we came.

5. Technology and Body Detox - Allow yourself to be free, for a day in a week. no cellphones, live and eat like cavemen. eat fruits, veggies and light up candles instead of unnatural light.

We hope this will help and this music is created to bring us closer to the mother nature. Close your eyes and try to understand what its telling you. Meditate and Smile!!

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