【1 Hour】Beautiful Piano for Stress Relief and Sleep『BGM』

0:00 Above The Clouds - (Piano Solo)
4:53 Crystal Eyes - (Piano Solo)
8:41 First Snow - (Piano Solo)
12:37 Sea Breeze - (Piano Solo)
14:46 The Soul of Winds - (Piano Solo)
17:50 Dreamscape - (Piano, Orchestra)
22:07 Like a Mirror - (Piano, French Horn)
26:50 Cloud Sprites - (Piano Solo)

Run 2:
30:55 Above The Clouds - (Piano Solo)
35:49 Crystal Eyes - (Piano Solo)
39:37 First Snow - (Piano Solo)
43:33 Sea Breeze - (Piano Solo)
45:42 The Soul of Winds - (Piano Solo)
48:46 Dreamscape - (Piano, Orchestra)
53:03 Like a Mirror - (Piano, French Horn)
57:46 Cloud Sprites - (Piano Solo)

As a composer, bringing music of value to my listeners is of the highest priority. With these 8 tracks, I hope that they will improve your day and help you relax while enjoying music in our signature style. If you enjoyed this 1 hour upload, please follow us on Spotify and consider buying our tracks in HD from Bandcamp or becoming a Patreon supporter:



All Music is composed, orchestrated, and conducted by Yuang Chen.

Performers (in no particular order):
Yuang Chen - Piano
Yukiyuki68 - French Horn
Annabelle Kleinschmidt - Flute/Piccolo

Mixing/Mastering - Yuang Chen, Takumi Nishimura

Background - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP-0FGDDM8Q

Recorded at Seycara Studios

Visit our Soundcloud for more Seycara tunes: https://soundcloud.com/seycara-orchestral
Contact: [email protected]
Website: www.seycara.com


Andy Tran ($50)
Zakary Renaud ($20)
Amelien Bergerot ($10)
iPigMoon ($10)
Invisibleman ($10)
Chris Morales ($10)
Florent Brotons ($5)
Andrew McKenney ($5)
Daniel ($5)
ProSombra ($5)
Zaxman ($5)
Alastair Goldberg ($5)
Bomb & Kou ($5)
Athan Ni ($5)
Jessie ($5)
Andrew Morgan ($5)
Nathan George ($5)
Nani Takagi ($5)
Tommy Le ($5)
Scott Knight ($5)
Stephen ($5)
Yuuki Crystal ($5)
Mingi Park ($5)
Luca ($5)
Sodies ($3)
Tim Johnson ($2)
Markus Schoendorfer ($2)
Jordan ($1)
DarkKnightOfOmega ($1)
Dan Maguire ($1)

The visualizations and animation used in this video were created by Catlinman.

Website: https://catlinman.com
YouTube: https://youtube.com/catlinman
Twitter: https://twitter.com/catplease

Program used: Finale, Studio One

Please do not re-upload without permission.


by 2018-04-20 71,906x downloaded 2,382 9 1:01:56

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