In this two part video set I review four house mods. This was requested by a subscriber by the name of YouFailProdutions. I hope you enjoy the reviews and I put a link to some of the other house mods that I have done in the past with a link to the video set that I reviewed it on. Thanks for watching. #1 Sinblood's Vampire Haven #2 Player House by Sergelac #3 Archfall Sanctuary - Island and House by Lordhairyus #4 Anvil Balloon House by hdela Let's Play Oblivion Set 6 Part 1 (With Mods) Dremora Companion by b3w4r3 and Alienslof Let's Play Oblivion Set 9 Part 1 (With Mods) Frostcrag Reborn Version 3.0.6 by Indefiance Let's Play Oblivion Set 17 Part 1 (With Mods) A Better Benirus Manor by Khettienna The Romancing of Eyja