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Calamity Jones - Shia {Official Music Video}


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directed/edited by Adam M. Tuller
director of photography: Andy Tuller
colourist: David Michael Alexander

Callin’ me crazy
I'll take it to mean that they think I'm amazing
Maybe I'm crazy
But maybe they make me this way
To dilapidate all I'm creating
They wanna sedate me
Take me and say that I'm losing my weight
But it's mass that I'm gaining
I'm spastic and anything halfway to maps
In the asscrack of the facts
Is forever ensnaring
Maybe it's nonsense
Maybe it's bonkers
Maybe it's honesty
Coming in backwards
Maybe it's flushing the thoughts of a villainous heart into something pedantic and hapless
I wanna be happy, tell me who doesn't
But where I'm at feels like a far distant cousin
Maybe the tooth fairy's carrying more than just money and soon in my sleep I'll be smothered
Until I discover
One fateful day in the summer
Coming home late from dilemmas I'm ever a part of
And starting to wonder what fate could've made for me had I not crumbled up under the weight of self hate to abandon myself in a tundra
Degrading my wonder
And taking my state of elation to rip me apart
And to ever then tear me asunder
Life's one mother fucker
Like it or not gotta love her
Screamin’ out fuck it
Testing our luck before punting the bucket and risking it all for the biscuits and muffins
Guess where they're stuffin’
I do and I did and I doesn't
I wish that I didn't forget who I wasn't
But I'm at a point to appoint poignant points in abundance
As if I were able to function
I'm here at the function
Hearing a decent injunction
And wearing a fleece for the function
Appearing to me that we're here to deceive all the people receding in bunches
Hunched over
Gut feelings never come when sober
So if I’ma deliver this shit when I get an idea I'll be lighting off tungstens
Runnin’ on crutches
Settin’ a path, yet alas
Destinations amass in abundance
Cut ‘em in half and the options appear to be clear
In the rear it's a massive assumption
But fuck it I'm bumpin’
Sputterin’ utterance only to get a reaction or somethin’
Now isn't that something
Coming to terms with a fallacy
All just to come and say something
So I think it's check mate
Take it and place it in places reduced to the view of UV rays
On to some new days
Hip to the hoo-ray
Hop to beginning this stage of the new wave
Welcome to doomsday
If not today or tomorrow
It's comin' on Monday or Tuesday
And if you do make it through
Yay for you
Way to prove
They could lose
All of they shit
Bobby Boucher

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