Safe european home by The Clash 100% FC GUITAR EXPERT

I DO NOT OWN THE SONG! Credit goes to The Clash!

Questions that may need answered:
1. What do I use to record? I use a Hauppauge HD recorder and my laptop to make these amazing videos.
2. How many times did it take me to FC this song? first time!
3. Can I add you on xbox? Sure! Drumboy1011
4. How long have you been playing? Since I was 13 years old, (8 years)
5. This song is easy, can you do a harder one? It takes time to do harder songs, so for now, I'm doing fun songs and will do harder ones in the future.
6. What are you trying to accomplish? I'm good, but not that good. I want to FC every single song thrown at me and all the songs on rock band 1-4! May take time, but that is the fun of it.
7. Are you single? ;) No I'm not sadly :D
8. Will we ever see your face? Yes, once I get better equipment, I'll be doing voice overs and face revealings!
9. Will you do just this or something else? I'll be trying to do Rock band and Guitar hero games! Also throw in drums and bass FC's!
10. Will you have guests or online plays? I'll do online plays once I get higher up, and may have friends join me in trying to FC songs!
11.Difficulty 4/10
12.Game: Guitar hero Van Halen
Thanks for the support guys! I hope you enjoy, 3 videos every day and I hope you subscribe! Show your love and like the video and comment your feelings!

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