Elektronomia - Shine On (Ft. Katie McConnell)

Ignoring darkness makes your life Shine On. ✨

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🎀 Lyrics:
α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α † α †α †α †
Let the music take you higher
This place is on fire
I am free, I am where I want to be
This is our time to shine
But we've got our whole lives
To have fun, join in or move on

Let the good vibes take you away
Come out of your cave
For tonight, step into the light

This is our time to rise
And no one can deny
I am free, I am where I want to be

Shine on

Stay up all night, see the sun rise
Stick with me, keep me company
Nothing could trouble me now
I will sing till I can't make a sound x2

Shine on x3

It's our time to shine, let's go hand in hand
Carefree, like it's supposed to be
Let the good times roll, feel the energy
It's time let's do this now

Stay up all night, see the sun rise
Stick with me, keep me company
Nothing could trouble me now
I will sing till I can't make a sound

Shine on

α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †

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Music: Elektronomia - Shine On (Ft. Katie McConnell)
Watch: https://youtu.be/VdSOu2IXa68
Stream: https://spoti.fi/2QyHldb

α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †α †

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