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Hi. I am a composer who lives in Korea. Tido Kang
Subscriptions and likes help composers.
I write music that is good for you and upload it on a regular basis.
Don't use my music without permission.

๐ŸŽตMusic Track
0:00 Moonlight - Tido Kang
05:11 Always Smile - Tido Kang
09:33 Forever - Tido Kang
14:41 Consolation - Tido Kang
19:08 Tonight - Tido Kang
23:16 That Day - Tido Kang
29:21 Dream - Tido Kang
34:43 Wish - Tido Kang
38:20 Parents - Tido Kang
41:32 Thanks - Tido Kang
48:25 Star - Tido Kang
51:44 Hello - Tido Kang
55:49 Lie - Tido Kang
59:56 Farewell - Tido Kang

ยฉ All music on this channel is composed and copyrighted by Tido Kang.
These music can be heard everywhere, such as spotify, itunes ....

โญ๏ธOfficial Homepage : http://tidokang.com/

๐ŸŽต Spotify (Tido Kang)

1st Official Album
2nd Official Album
3rd Official Album
4th Official Album

๐ŸŽตApple Music : https://apple.co/38n6wcb
๐ŸŽตAmazon : https://amzn.to/39kUFwI

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โ™ชChannel | https://www.youtube.com/c/tidokang
๐Ÿ’Œโ™ชInstagram | https://www.instagram.com/tido_kang
โ™ชFacebook | https://www.facebook.com/TidoKang/

โœ๏ธโ™ช ์•…๋ณด (Score) โ™ช : https://bit.ly/2RsuOJE

โ™ช ๋ฉœ๋ก  (Melon) โ™ช : https://bit.ly/2y4QNOC
โ™ช ๋ฒ…์Šค (Bugs) โ™ช : https://bit.ly/2y4GZ7z
โ™ช ์ง€๋‹ˆ (Genie) โ™ช : https://bit.ly/2Pm1GCF
๐ŸŽต Sound Cloud โ™ช : https://soundcloud.com/tido-kang

โœ๏ธ [Credit]
Music Composition : Tido Kang
Sound : Tido Kang
Art : Dotol, Tido Kang
Music Video : Tido Kang

Copyright โ“’ 2020 Tido Kang All Rights Reserved.

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