Wat Tambor Special Mission Geo DSTB

A guide on how to beat the Wat Tambor SM and get those Wat shards.

If your geos are not all G12 with one G13 (preferably G13 Brood Alpha, to get the Brute at G13 as well) make sure to remod your geos to give extra health and protection to Sun Fac, speed to Alpha and Poggle, and offense/crit damage to Spy and Soldier, with crit chance triangle on Soldier.
The strategy is crowd control. ie attack every character on the board. The mass assists use soldier to put tenacity down on all characters, then use Poggle to inflict ability block on all of them. High targets to have ability block on first are the damage dealers (clone sarge, Arc Trooper, Ponds, Mace Windu, Kia-Di-Mundi, Shaak Ti, clone sharpshooter and any character who does AoE ) then the rest. Make sure to save the ability to call the droid (it can only be used once) for the 4th wave, as it will grant you a mass assist (no droid will be called in the extra slot since you already have Brute in that slot). Also make sure to have the cannon ability available on the 4th wave imo

Another good tip is when you face characters who counter attack, best to use an assist attack on them instead of attacking them directly, so you will not trigger a counter. For example Poggle, Soldier, Alpha's heal+call Brute attack are all assists and will not trigger a counter.

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