BEST 15 MIN PLAY-ALONG GUITAR WORKOUT (Finger Exercises, Alternate Picking, Speed, Timing)

Today we check out the best intermediate guitar workout full of finger exercises, picking drills, speed exercises, and much more. Download your files for this workout here:

This practice routine or warm-up will help you with developing a better left-hand technique and there's a big focus on alternate picking as well! Make sure to also work with the more advanced workout video I uploaded on Patreon - over there you can also get the backing tracks without my guitar, the PDF tabs, guitar pro files, and much more :)

00:00 Intro
01:01 Warm-up
02:46 Left-Hand Technique
03:55 Stretching Exercise
05:25 3 NPS Patterns
08:31 Hand Synchronization 1
09:31 Hand Synchronization 2
12:05 Speed Exercise
13:36 Outro

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