Samson - Biceps Of Steel (Full VHS)

Full VHS by Samson. It features the NWOBHM band Samson and two songs from their album Head On ("Hard Times", "Vice Versa"). Biceps of Steel is a short B movie filmed circa 1980. The film depicts a 'super roadie' who fights evil orange jumpsuit-wearing bouncers stopping a rock and roll crowd from having a good time. He then falls foul of an evil wench who seduces and cuts his hair in order to take away his strength. At the end of the concert the super roadie causes the two towers of amplifiers to fall, exacting his revenge, mimicking the original story of Samson.
The film was around 15 minutes long and created in the form of two music videos. It starred Thunderstick as the Super Roadie, with his brother-in-law, portraying the role of the drummer. Later on, clips from the movie were used in the 1981 horror movie The Incubus.

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