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heylog - alone again (lyrics)

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no luck, i'm bored about everyday
you suck and i would say it to your face
know why i'm here but i don't have to stay
it's because i love you so i won't walk away
but that's something i'd say in the past
moving on to new friends, discover new laughs
i've held this loneliness for too long
seeing friends but why do i still feel alone
alone again
i love my life
i burn my hand
i love my life
she asked me
"how do you do?"
well i hate myself
but what's new?

alone again
i've lost my mind
i heal my skin
oh i'm alright
she asked me,
"so what's new"
well like nothing
and what about you

no luck, i'm bored about everyday
i suck, i do nothing to make a change
building up my anger i got so much hate
if i were you i'd leave, why don't you walk away
but you got something to say? cause you keep staring at me
and i would talk to you but i'm too busy sweating
and the social awkwardness is getting to me
oh i went too long without socializing

so just run away cause i look like a monster
im sorry, that i hurt your daughter
i know your family hates me but your dad yeah he was pretty cool
maybe you should learn from him take off that worthless costume
alone again
i love my life
i burn my hand
i love my life
she asked me,
"how do you do?"
well i hate myself
but what's new?

alone again
i messed up bad
i cut my skin
and grow it back

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