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It is said that we are all born with magical powers like psychic abilities and intuition. The only difference is that some people can easily access this powers while others have practice meditation and yoga practice like Tratak, to awaken the magical powers. The most common ways to awaken the magical powers of pineal gland is through a practice of a meditation technique called TRATAK. It falls into the branch of Raj Yoga. The good news is that there is a way to activate your third eye, psychic ability and intuition through positive visualization and the law of attraction too.

The third eye Opening:
A third eye which is also known as spiritual eye, enhances intuition and helps us connect to the higher energy. With the third eye chakra, you’re connected to a universe of limitless possibilities that helps you manifest anything in your life, as you want. It also helps you channel out your psychic abilities and intuition.

As you combine the law of attraction, positive thinking and manifestation meditation, your third eye slowly opens up. When practicing the law of attraction, you are able to manifest thoughts into physical things or occurrences. This is because your emotions and thoughts are in sync with the universe thus producing energy vibrations that open up the third eye.

When practicing manifestation meditation, we rid our bodies of all worries and uncertainties allowing the good of the universe to come to us. Once you are able to get rid of all the mental chatters and your mind is completely empty, you are able to awaken the powers of your third eye by allowing messages from higher powers to guide you.

Awakening your magical powers, psychic abilities and intuition is more about the energies you release into the universe and vice versa. If you focus on positive thinking and manifestation meditation, you will find yourself being able to easily open your third eye.

For the practice, Please sit or lie down comfortably. Take few deep breath if your mind is chattery. Then imagine a very bright and a strong light (size of a marble) glowing on your forehead. Your aim during this practice is to keep that light as bright as you can, without letting your visualization fade away. Keep hold of this visualization for several minutes, Do this every day for at least 8 to 12 weeks.

During this 8-12 weeks period you will experience profound relaxation running into your body, high mental clarity, stress free, deep relaxing sleep, calmness, lovely dreams including lucid dreams, politeness any several benefits you will come across. Eventually your visualization capability will be so strong that you will be able to gaze into past, present and future, With just this practice.

The role of this music and its vibration is to enhance this state of mind so your reach deeper visualization meditation state with greater ease. However your tratak practice will determine if you can activate the third eye.

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Our body is maintained at an unconscious level. Our inner self always tries to maintain our body's balance and health but our beliefs always interfere. Basic theory here is “If you believe you can, you will”. Positive Visualization is the key to success with the secret law of attraction.

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