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Monster Song 👻 Something in the Dark 🎶 Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Wolfoo Song

A new compilation video, including one of our most recent songs, "Monster Song"

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0:00 - Monster Song 🎶
2:19 - There's a Monster in My Tummy 🎶
5:21 - Stranger Danger Song 🎶
7:35 - Strange Camping Song 🎶
12:38 - Stranger Danger 🎶
14:53 - Stranger Danger Song 🎶
16:57 - Good Morning Song 🎶
19:31 - Adventure Time Song 🎶
22:14 - Got lost song 🎶
25:05 - One Color Hide and Seek 🎶
27:58 - Built New House Song 🎶
30:43 - Lucy Haircut Song 🎶

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📝 Lyrics:

Tremble tremble. What’s in the dark?
Goosebump, goosebump. So scary.
Tremble tremble. What’s in the dark?
I’ve got to run right now.

Baby, don’t be so scared here.
It’s me; don’t worry.
Baby, let’s find something out.
There’s nothing scary here

Tremble tremble. What’s in the dark?
Goosebump, goosebump. So scary.
Tremble tremble. What’s in the dark?
Let’s go check it out now.

Baby, don’t be so scared here.
Oh, it’s just mommy.
Baby, I am here with you.
There’s nothing scary here.

Tremble tremble. What’s in the dark?
I see something. So scary.
Tremble tremble. What’s in the dark?
I’ve got to see right now.

Nothing scary. Check it out.
What’s that? It’s just stuff.
Just be brave. Let’s check it out.
There’s nothing scary here

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Producer: Ly Tran
Director: Bich Nguyen
Scriptwriter: Van Pham
Storyboarder: Anh Pham
Artist: Duc Nguyen, Anh Nguyet, Mai Duyen
Animator: Kien Le, Luan Nguyen, Anh Le, Mai Nguyen, Quang Tran
Compositor: Quang Ninh
Music producer: Duc Vu
Arranger: Duy Ngoc, Huy Bui, Huy Tung, Duy Hung
Songwriter: Eddie Hawest, Van Dinh , Hoang Minh Chau, Nguyen Thanh Son
Audio Engineer: Kaanj, DAN
Admin: Pong

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