Rai Ko Ris - New anti-national anthem [full album] 2007 anarcho punk band from Nepal

Rai Ko Ris was an anarcho & diy punk band from Kathmandu, Nepal.
In 2007, Rai Ko Ris was Bishnu (vocals), Olivier (drums & backing vocals) and Sareena (guitar & vocals).


Tracklist :

01. 00:00 New anti-national anthem (03:25)
02. 03:25 Freedom in the eyes of a supermarket dweller (05:35)
03. 08:59 Soundbite (01:10)
04. 10:11 Druk (03:52)
05. 14:02 Things have never been so right (03:39)
06. 17:42 Pulsar (03:46)
07. 21:29 Ma yehi baschu (I'm staying here) (02:44)
08. 24:13 Suffocate city (04:05)
09. 28:19 For those who disappeared (03:16)
10. 31:35 Punks vs monarchy (04:10)
11. 35:46 Malai banchnadyo (Let me live) (04:49)
12. 40:36 Girl meets the boy (04:28)
13. 45:04 Me (03:23)
14. 48:28 Soundbite (00:20)
15. 48:48 5-star nyaya (5-star justice) (04:12)
16. 53:01 Sure hit reggae song about your fucking cash (04:40)
17. 57:42 Cancerella (04:27)

"These songs were written between february 2006 - early 2007 and were recorded live in our practice room at home in Buddanilkanta, on a mini disc player during march 2007. Soundbites about the continuing struggle of the Bhutanese refugees still waiting in camps in Nepal are taken from "Eviction", a documentry by our friend Grady.
A big shout out to all people the world over who continue to exist parallel to the dominating system. d.i.y & in solidarity."


Live your life : https://liveyourlifemusic.blogspot.com (blog)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfdSai8Y4LhDrhV9yqnksLg (youtube)


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