Septicflesh LIVE at L'Astral in Montreal 03-09-2018 full set

Septicflesh entire Montreal set

00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:12 – Portrait of a Headless Man
00:06:49 – The Vampire From Nazareth
00:11:00 – Martyr
00:16:27 – Prototype
00:22:38 – Pyramid God
00:28:44 – Enemy of Truth
00:33:42 – Communion
00:37:08 – Prometheus
00:43:28 – Persepolis
00:50:00 – Dante’s Inferno
00:55:37 – Anubis
01:00:58 – Dark Art

My arms were getting tired with all the recording so I apologise for any shakiness. Also this was my first time trying to record extended periods of time, the phone reached maximum video size at 33:11 and 1:06:22 at which point it stopped recording for a few seconds but other than that I am very happy with this recording

by 2018-05-14 108x downloaded 2 0 1:08:24

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