Alan Walker All Falls Down K 391 Remix 5.05mb(192kbps) 3:41

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Wanted to share one of the All Falls Down remixes here on my channel! This one is from K-391, and I think it's really cool! Hope you like it as well :)

Listen to all the remixes here:

/ Alan

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/// Walker Gaming ///


What's the trick I wish I knew
I'm so done with thinking through
All the things I could've been
And I know you wonder too,
All it takes is that one look you do
and I run right back to you
u crossed the line
& it's time to say f-u!

What’s the point in saying that
when u know how I’ll react
U think u can just take it back
but shit just don’t work like that
you’re the drug that I’m addicted to
And I want you so bad
Guess I’m stuck
with you
and that’s that

Cus when it all falls down, then whatever
When it don’t work out for the better
If we just ain’t right and it’s time to say goodbye
when it all falls down,
when it all falls down
I’ll be fine
I’ll be fine
I’ll be fine

You’re the drug that I’m addicted to
And I want you so bad
But I’ll be fine

Why we fight, I don’t know
We say what hurts the most
Oh, I try
staying cold,
But you take it personal,
All this firing shots,
and making grounder
It’s way too hard to cope
But I still
Can’t let
You go

All Falls Down,
All Falls Down,
All Falls Down,
All Falls Down.

#AlanWalker #AllFallsDown #K-391

by 1970-01-01 x downloaded 3:41

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