Brodha V - Aathma Raama [Music Video]

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Music :
Performed by Brodha V
Classical Vocals - Avinash Bhat
Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Brodha V
Mastered by Sean Divine

Music Video Directed by Kami Media and Lighthouse Media.


Back in the time when I was lacking a dime
My hopeless youth had me slowly get attracted to crime
Then sat an alliance to talk it out with practical minds
Felt a force within me get all my talents combined
Enacted a mime, enlightened I decided to rhyme
Delighted and excited. I'm planning to rap till I'm prime
Started spilling ink on the paper and planned to get signed
But the world is biased, so wild, they got me slapped with a fine
I never got a chance, Never let me spit on the mic
Only cuz I come from a land where people ain't white
Day and night i keep flowing, completing all my demo tracks
Inspite being denied the right by anti-democrats
Unleash my rage through Music intense
The cultural shock that got my whole community tensed
That's when I, close my eyes and talk to God
Peace in my head, I'm singing this song and it goes like

Aathma Raama Aananda Ramana
Achyutha Keshava Hari Narayana

Life is an octopus tryna choke you with tentacles
Survived by only those who prove to be sensible
With only two choices, good and the bad
The hardest part is to be choosing a path, check this
I could've got myself in dealing with drugs
Or maybe pop a weaker person dead while chilling with thugs
Maybe, blow up my father's money spending on clothes
Fake an attitude for winning all em feminine votes
One point of time, i got absorbed in foolish lies
Was juvenile, thought it was cool to get into brutal fights
I even had the thrilling urge to kill
The next second, the whole feeling reversed to guilt
I was offered a gun, that's when I dropped it for a mic
Took rap as a career and I thought that this was right
I close my eyes and give my thanks to God
Peace in my head , I'm singing this song and it goes like

Aathma Raama Aananda Ramana
Achyutha Keshava Hari Narayana

I'm being frank and I'm speaking my mind naked
Everyday on my knees, praying to God that I make it
The only hope that keep me going is I know I'm artistic
To levels extreme, my haters agree I'm God-gifted
But that don't mean I lay around like Clinical bait
When its mayhem in my head at such subliminal rate
Cyclic monotony for me is cursed as debt
I'm only halfway through the phase between Birth and Death
One day, I wish to be like Eminem or 2Pac
And have a million people chanting, Brodha V you rock
And maybe, wish to have a girl like Emma Watson
Or even accept a Grammy on stage while Mama's watching
But till then, Imma see days when the weather be rough
I better be tough, Brodha V gon' never give up
Now imma, Close my eyes and talk to God
Peace in my head, I'm singing this song and it goes like

Aathma Raama Aananda Ramana
Achyutha Keshava Hari Narayana

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