Klonoa vs Kirby Epic Rap Battles of Jokes

William Crist as Klonoa
Acexperts as Kirby
Beat Produced by Hollywood Legend
Written by Me, Shazam7121 and William Crist

Hello i am Kirby you’re a ripoff of the Hedgehog from Sega!
I've got MAD Rhymes! That's why I'm Kirby Coming Right Back at Ya!
I am the most popular game, you are the guy from William!
Now go back to Lolo!, You stupid Cabbit pilgrim
I'll slap you like Will Smith and kick you in the nuts
You're are a dumb dumb that doesn’t know how to kick bad guy butts
I’m so famous, I even make King Dedede wanna be a hero like me
I’ve got the skills to save the world, can’t you see?
You are a bore Kirby I can walk on you like a door
I think it’s time that we settle the score
My name is Klonoa you blow ya you did not do that, bitch die in a hole
My friends give me the heart of a true hero, and that’s my goal
If it weren't for me you wouldn't even exist
With my Wind Ring, I’ll turn you into nothing, but mist
Not to mention that the fandom is filled with crap
You’re not a threat at all, so shut your Black Hole trap
WTF is up with dat Pac-Man symbol you fool
It's because you aren't at all even remotely cool
Who cares about bell, u deserve to stand completely still
My rhymes are so sick, they’ve made it, so that you fell ill
You saying I’m not cool is incorrect
Your Pink, malleable body is stretchy, you could be a blanket
My girl, Lolo, has been at my side and getting braver every day
Once I’m done with you, you’ll be made out of clay

by 2022-09-08 203x downloaded 7 0 1:51

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