Brinstar Bars f/ KickFlamez • Metroid Rap • #AVRForever

In the depths of an alien planet, the AVR explores on his own accord. Watch for Metroids!
Brinstar Bars ft. KickFlamez • Prod. Raisi K. + SSBeats
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Verse 1:
(I'm) focused on these spins I make, you'd say the motto's "screw attacks"
Had to kick with "Renegades", these "Flamez" are always true with DAX, my
Shots are beams straight made of waves, these days I know my suits in tact
Always more like Billy Mays, my ways will slay, so dude, relax

I got cannons full of EMPs for my enemies
I put fear into they hearts, all around the galaxy, and I
Run a raid, through yo' base, like an arcade, I'm a
Bounty hunter, all I care about is getting paid

Pull up in that all white, y'all ain't seen my Light Suit, and
When it's "Dark" before night, I "Aether" won't or might shoot
Metroids ain't got small bites, got Zero Suits for nice moves, I
Bring the lyrics on sight, but you can only try to

And that Chozo DNA, give me power to my cells, all that
Talking shit, get yo' mouth hit full of shells, I been
Hitting high scores, putting numbers on the board, and l'm
Ballng like Lebron, dropping bombs like I'm bored

Eheh, 'bout to get my rage on, eheh, I live off that Phazon
Eheh, you feen for Balmain on, eheh, my team, no liaison
Eheh, 'bout to get my rage on, eheh, I live off that Phazon
Eheh, you feen for Balmain on, eheh, my team, no liaison

Verse 2:
Stay by the threat, I'm nowhere 'round where humans are
Know I got depth in the bars that I bring to Brinstar
Shoot a missle to your "Brain," bitch, that's lobotomy
Blow yo' whole spaceship, I make no apologies

(Brought a) "pair-or-more" of suits because I trust in Hayley, I'm on that
Justin Bailey, y'all sound like a dozen babies, it's crazy
I'm the man 'round here, Uncle Sam, hoe
You ain't getting shit 'round here, that's a no no

Fresh kicks give me air, ain't talking 'bout Jordan
More than her suit, understanding that is important
Got her Super Missile, don't matter if dudes' the issue, if
Adam withdrew permission 'cause Samus kills superstition, hah

Think that it's a game? I'mma show you how to cosplay
Spray and pray for my homie Harambe
Play me like a bitch, I'mma show you how to dog fight
First, I used to roast beef, now, I take frost bites

I've saved the day in major ways, so save the
Game, I've stayed sharp like a razor blade, she's Chozo
Tailor made, shoot laser rays, no great escape
There ain't no running to no safer place

If you think you gotta' chance, you ain't see me power up
Never run across my path, or your ass outta' luck
Red beam give you wings, let me me teach you to duck
You can't win, you a lame, it's a shame that you suck

Woo! I'm armed with the "cannon" Woo! Got reckless abandon
Woo! Called her girl up, Zelda Woo! Told her kill that Ganon
Woo! I bring the hottest flow right from this planet's depths
Acidic when they get with it, burn it 'till there's nothing left

Super Nova, how I'm doing in donuts in my starship
Yeah, I got the force and I ain't talking Star Wars shit
Dragon Slayer, when I run up I'm using my whole clip
Mega Laser, to yo' face, get erased, bitch

Ice beam cold, paralyzer, queen of stunning
Get zeroed to death - 'till there's nothing left
You ain't queen of nothing, parasite, the queen of sucking
Brinstar bars, got the Brinstar bars, yeah

Yeah, (let 'em know) Brinstar bars, yeah
Yeah, (Zebes Queen) Brinstar bars, yeah
Morphing ball flow, I'm on a roll every line, been known
What I'm here "four," 'cause I'm finally in my prime, it's DAX

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