Beginner Van Halen Song - How To Play You Really Got Me on Guitar Van Halen

Beginner Van Halen Song - How To Play You Really Got Me on Guitar Van Halen

In this beginner guitar lesson, we show you how to play You Really Got Me by Van Halen on guitar. This is probably the easiest Van Halen song to play on guitar. Because Eddie van Halen was so revolutionary on guitar, many of his songs are quite complicated to play, but You Really Got Me is a great choice if you are looking for an easy beginner Van Halen song.

You Really Got Me was originally recorded by the Kinks, but then covered by Van Halen on their debut album titled "Van Halen". With Eddie Van Halen on guitar and his brother Alex on drums, they really made the song their own and it is now considered a Van Halen classic and a favorite among fans.

The great thing about You Really Got Me that makes it an easy Van Halen song to play on guitar is the fact that it uses simple power chords throughout, so even a beginner guitar player can play this song.

In this beginner guitar lesson we will show you the power chords you need to play this easy Van Halen song You Really Got Me.

*******Download the chord chart here-

If you are a beginner guitar player and wanting to learn an easy Van Halen song, or how to play You Really Got Me by Van Halen on guitar, you don't want to miss this guitar lesson.

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