Insert Select Update Delete in PHP MySQLi in Hindi | CRUD Operation in PHP MySQL in Hindi in 2020

Welcome, How to Insert Select Update Delete in PHP MySQLi in Hindi. Complete CRUD Operation in PHP MySQL in Hindi in 2020. We will code CRUD operation all in one video using PHP MySQLi. We basically want crud operation(create,read,update,delete) on the same page. First of all, we will create a database and a table. Then for inserting user data, we use to create(Insert) query to store data in the table, that data will be displayed in tabular form on the selectpage.php and on the same page we have the available options such as edit, delete in front of them. If we click on the delete button, the entries can be deleted To change any field we click on the edit button then the data will be prefilled on the form, just change and then update and it will reflect back on the database.

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