♩♫ Epic Chase Music ♪♬ - Run (Copyright and Royalty Free)

INSTAGRAM! : https://instagram.com/rossbugden/ (rossbugden)

TWITTER! : https://twitter.com/RossBugden (@rossbugden)

This music is completely free! However, if you are willing to donate, my paypal address is [email protected] Even amounts as small as a dollar are big helps everyone, so thank you!


This track is licensed under a ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License’. You can find the link to that license here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Basically, you can use this music for absolutely anything, including commercial/monetized projects. No need to get permission. There are only 3 rules:

1) Credit me! In most cases this means posting a link to my channel or the video of the track you used. This takes about 10 seconds to do, while the track you’re using probably took me hours and hours (and hours). Doing this helps me keep the music free :)

2) You may NOT use my music in an audio track that you intend to put into the Content ID system. This will result in false claims given to people who use my music in their videos. These situations are illegal and have resulted in people being banned from networks etc. DON’T DO IT.

3) Subscribe to me! Okay, this one isn’t really mandatory haha. But it takes a lot of work to make this music, and there is no better way to repay me than to join this community! I'm constantly putting out more free music (and it's constantly getting better).

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/12l1wd2lu4d6eli/Run.wav


Q: Can I use this for my project? Should I credit you? How?
A: Yup and yeah. See the above information.

Q: Can I donate?
A: Why yes you can, kind dude. PayPal e-mail is [email protected] (in all seriousness this is hugely appreciated).

Q: Will you score my project?
A: I am always looking for new scoring opportunities, but as I only have the time to do a few per year, they have to be large scale projects that will push my career forward as a composer. Things like YouTube gaming montages or vlogs are things I am almost never able to do, sorry.

Q: What programs do you use?
A: I used FL Studio and the plug-ins EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and Stormdrum for this track.

Q: How do you do that light bar thingy?
A: It’s usually called an Audio Spectrum and I make it using After Effects. I typically start with this template (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Fz2ylTFTM) but it can be done from scratch.

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